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Camp Learn-a-Lot week 2

A Trip into the Wild

Last Thursday Camp Learn-A-Lot had an “in school” field trip where we were transported into the wild. The Creature Conservancy came to Wick to teach the students and staff about wild animals. Everyone “oohed” at the first three animals that they encountered: a blue neck macaw, an albino alligator, and a porcupine. Students were able to ask questions and were even able to touch the alligator! The trainers made sure to point out the physical features of the animals such as the color, the protective adaptations, and the texture of the animal’s body. Next on the agenda was a gigantic Burmese python! This python captured everyone’s attention and he knew it; he slithered around the trainer’s body showing off for everybody. The campers were excited, yet nervous, when told that they could touch the snake. Of course their excitement and courage won out and the snake was carried around the room. Lastly, out came a sleepy sloth. Everyone aww’d at the furry creature and loved the chance to feel its fur. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about these animals.

Gold Medal Scientists

          Learning opportunities abound in the traditional classroom setting as well, with students channeling their inner mad scientists to create and experiment with the scientific principles behind life, energy, and engineering. First grade classrooms are building upon last week’s instrument build to delve further into the wonder of sound, learning about sound waves, pitch, and different musical instruments. Our second graders are currently focusing on the “A” in S.T.E.A.M., crafting “monsters” with which to use their growing imaginative and descriptive skills. They are also testing a number of water samples (mixed with different solutes) to determine which is best in yielding growth in planted seeds, and using bar graphs to visually display their data. In the third grade, campers are putting their classroom lessons into practical practice by building a catapult, launching different objects, and observing the effects of balance and energy on their trajectories. Fourth and fifth graders are doing the more advanced work of engineers, utilizing different units of measurement and creating “houses” out of random objects to test their durability against different elements, like wind. Their buildings seem to incorporate themes from a certain age-old tale, with the students acting the “Three Little Pigs,” seeing if their houses will stand up to the “Big Bad Wolf.” Common among all grades, students are having a blast doing projects that engage their teamwork and critical thinking abilities.

Olympians and Travelers

This week, village has undergone some slight renovations to allow for more fun, theme-related activities. Now added to the agenda are volleyball, sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and at the craft center, creative campers are making bird feeders! Of course we still have our sports like javelin throw, soccer, and basketball to hone our Olympians’ skills. Also, we have some stations inside to give our Olympians a break from the hot sun. On that note, please remember to send water bottles with your child to have during village. In addition to village, we have some other fun stuff coming up including our field trip to the Science Center on the 28th of July! Everyone is gearing up and getting ready to head out and learn! Please make sure you are on time if you are attending.

Important Notices

July 28th: We are heading out to the Science Center.

August 4th: We are heading to Willow Metro Park (Swim Suits Needed)

August 10th: Our only Wacky Water Wednesday (Swim Suits Needed)

August 10th: We will be having a family fun night

August 11th: Sadly, this will be our last day of camp

Please remember that Camp Learn-a-Lot requests students show up every day. Also on days of field trips please be on time.