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Camp Learn-A-Lot Week 2

Week 2: Camp Learn-A-Lot

Week 2 of Camp Learn-A-Lot jumped right into learning on Monday morning! Our student Oceanographers continued to engage in science, math, and reading and finished up their pre-testing. 1st and 2nd grade classes during week 2 continued on memorizing their sight words and making sure they have basic reading and comprehension skills. 3rd graders are learning about objects in motion while expanding with math and reading. 4th grade classes are working on energy and speed while increasing their reading and math comprehension. Our oldest student Oceanographer classes (5th grade) is learning about Matter while keeping a STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math focus, making sure they also continue to engage in reading components while learning about life cycles and food chains. “Village” which is our hour recess everyday is getting more and more intense everyday! Not only does our student Oceanographers get to enjoy being outside but they also get to enjoy 3 stations of different activities a day learning something new at every one. I’ll see you very soon for the Week 3 Camp Learn-A-Lot blog!

Bowling, Bowling, and More Bowling!!

Our field trip of the week to Super Bowl was a great success! Not only did our student Oceanographers have a blast, but our teachers made sure to incorporate their weekly lessons into the fun. Teachers made sure as the students bowled that they payed close attention to the balls speed and the distance to the pins, how energy helped put the ball in motion, and all the different types of matter that was involved to help get the ball to knock down the pins! Our student Oceanographers were able to use their weekly lesson vocabulary words and continued to learn unconsciously while having a great time bowling. Our next field trip will be to the Michigan Science Center where our student Oceanographers will continue to engage in their STEM focus and learn more about how science is all around them!

Important Reminders!

Please continue to make sure students emergency cards are turned in to your child’s teacher or the main office. Check with students everyday to make sure you are receiving what teachers are sending home and returning it as soon as possible. Also, we are partnered with Gleaners Community Food Bank and the next distribute dates is:
August 12th- Romulus High School 10am-2pm