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Camp Learn-A-Lot Week 3

Week 3: Camp Learn-A-Lot

Week 3 of Camp Learn-A-Lot continues with our student Oceanographers still learning and playing just as hard. Our youngest Oceanographers (1st and 2nd grade) are learning more and more words everyday making sure they continue to memorize their sight words and making sure they are taking their reading skills up to another level. 3rd graders are continuing with their science researches about objects in motion while making sure their reading skill are also up to par, challenging themselves to also increase their math scores. 4th grade classes are working still trying to figure out their energy and speed formula’s while working on cracking some math formula’s too! Our oldest student Oceanographer classes (5th grade) are finishing up their studies about Matter while still keeping their focus really on STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our 5th graders continue to engage in reading components while learning about life cycles and food chains. While the learning is getting more and more intense as we lead up to the last week of camp so is our student’s village time and wacky water days! Thank you for tuning in to our weekly newsletters, see you next year campers!

I spy with my little Science EYE!

Michigan Science Center was not prepared for our excited student Oceanographers to touch down and begin their exploring! When our campers first arrived they went directly into the science center’s I-Max theater and watched “Growing Up Wild”. The campers enjoyed the movie so much and payed very close attention to the all the movie details. Then after the movie it was time for them to explore, “Hands On”! The students were able to go on all 3 levels of the science center and see how science really works. Our student Oceanographers were able to see how science is involved in tornados, on construction sites, how science works when you are riding bike, and so much more! Our student Oceanographers were able to see just how important it was to stay active and how much our brain is effected when we don’t have energy.

Info for Parents!

*This Wednesday August 9th is our Parent Expo from 5-6pm! There will be Food and lots of fun! Come out and see what your child has been learning and get to meet the Camp Learn-A-Lot teachers and tutors.

*We are partnered with Gleaners Community Food Bank and the next distribute dates is:
August 12th- Romulus High School 10am-2pm