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Reaching the Finish Line

This is the last week of Camp Learn-A-Lot! Can you believe it, how fast time has gone? All over Camp, staff and student are working together to end the program with a bang, and prove all they have learned this summer as post-testing begins. Final lessons are being taught and last experiments carried out. For example, Monday, Ms. Bolden and Ms. Miller's classes completed the last investigation in their unit about animal behavior and sensory receptors. A group of students, the "meerkats," were asked to rely on their other senses to detect a "predator," and sit down when they felt in danger; a tutor also acted as a meerkat alerting the other animals of the hazard with a call. With this, they were demonstrating a classic predator-prey relationship and altruism in the wild, in which the needs of many outweigh the needs of one. 

Review has taken many forms. Many classes continue to rely on math fact/sight word games to engage the students as well as traditional classroom review of the science topics using a review guide, but some have gotten a bit creative. Some campers have worked on presentations, made 3D models of predators and their prey, and even created a song! I can't disclose too many details, as the song and dance number is under wraps for now (possibly a surprise for teachers or parents), but I can tell you that it is a blast to watch. 

Whatever best helps our students to remember all they have learned this year--sight words and math facts they will need to be successful next year, and science topics of objects/motion, electric and magnetic forces, and the science of living things--is the right method. The staff eagerly await final test scores and hope for improvement, and the students can't wait for the fun field trip planned for the final day of camp!


Due to the possibility of inclimate weather this Thursday, August 20th, we will NO LONGER be going to Turtle Cove. Instead, we will be going to MJR Theatres in Westland to watch the movie "Minions." A new permission slip has been sent home and must be signed in order for your child to join us on the field trip. Again, please do not send your student to Camp Learn-A-Lot with swim gear this Thursday, August 20th, and be sure to turn in the new permission slip to your child's teacher. Thank you!