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Welcome to camp

Welcome Back

Welcome to Camp Learn-A-Lot! This year the theme is taking Camp Learn-a-Lot S.T.E.A.M to the Olympics and everyone is going for the gold! Teachers are focusing on S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) in all of their daily lessons and activities. Students start the day singing songs, like ''Eye of the Tiger,'' with the tutors before they break off and head to class. While focusing on math and science students get to experience so many different opportunities like hands-on experiments, making instruments, and having a fun time in the village. The village is a ton of outside activities led by high school tutors where students can express their creativity, release their energy, and have tons of fun interacting with each other and the tutors.

Getting to Know Each Other

The sun is shining and smiling faces are everywhere as students and teachers alike head to their classrooms. In several classes students gather around a makeshift campfire and warm up to their new peers by playing games and participating in other icebreakers. The main goals this week are to create a positive environment while everyone gets acquainted with camp life and creates new friendships. 

Race to Education

In addition to getting to know each other, classes are beginning to dive further into learning. This year in our Olympic camp, students are learning about matter, energy and the life cycle. For example, the fifth grade students participated in experiments where they are learning to use tools like balloons, beakers, and pipettes. They are using these tools as a way to demonstrate the different types of matter and to create solutions. In fourth grade, students are learning about energy, and using tons of math like, long division, so they can solve the calculations involved with scientific testing.  

Fun in the Village

After lunch students get to take a break from the classroom by going outside to the village. Once outside, students get to participate in many different activities like javelin throw, basketball, arts and craft, and so much more. Everywhere you look student are running around and having fun. Village is definitely some of the students' favorite part of the day!


Gleaners is an organization that makes sure children have meals three a day, 365 days a year. Wick Elementary was proud to serve as a distribution location for Gleaners this past Wednesday. Some of our camp tutors, Boys & Girls Club staff and students and a couple of Romulus administrators (Gretchen Nataro from Romulus Elementary and ShaVonna Johnson from Wick Elementary) all pitched in to help out. Plenty of people showed up and we were so happy to have the ability to help out our community!

Important Notice

On July 28th we will be going to the Science Center! It is important that all students are on time. As well, as on August 4th we will being having an fun time at Willow Park and we ask that all students have swimming gear. Attendance at this camp is essential, please try to have your student here everyday!