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  1. What is being done to attract and retain students?
    The Board of Education has approved a full-time public relations and communications position that will help promote our positive stories and lay out a full recruitment/retention plan.
  2. If elementary buildings have better utilization rates, why aren’t we taking the middle school and high school offline instead?
    In order to accommodate the needs of the district, we must consider shifting grades upward.  These plans allow for future growth and the possibility of a centralized campus structure for the entire district.
  3. Is it safe to have such a large age range in one building?
    Safety is a top priority. Due to the support of our community, security camera systems have been updated throughout the district. In cases where we are proposing lower grades be brought into other buildings, younger students would reside in a separate wing. We will further investigate and report the logistics of these plans as we narrow the options for community and board approval.
  4. Who is on the Redesign and Reconfiguration Committee?
    We have recently welcomed community members and educators to the committee.  Additionally, there are 3 board members, the superintendent, the curriculum director and a representative from Barton Mallow on the committee.
  5. Why not add programming to compete with other districts?
    Operational savings from the proposed reconfigurations will allow more funding to be shifted to programming and other district needs.
  6. Why now, can’t we wait a little longer?
    With the passing of the recent sinking fund, the district would like to ensure that repairs and upgrades to our facilities parallel the vision of our community, the district, and education in the State of Michigan.
  7. Our family has been in Romulus schools for generations and we want to stay. What can we do to make things better?
    While we are faced with very difficult decisions, Romulus students, teachers and staff continue to create amazing stories. We need your help in spreading the word about the successes that occur every day in Romulus Community Schools.
  8. Did the district intentionally withhold information regarding the redesign to garner support for the sinking fund?
    No. District reconfiguration discussions began some time ago and were brought before the public prior to the most recent sinking fund approval. The Board of Education decided to create this committee based on initial feedback from our community.
  9. If the sinking funds passed, why do we need these changes at all?
    Our goal is to properly steward funds approved by our community and right size our district. If changes to the district’s structure are made, we need to plan upgrades and renovations accordingly.