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Romulus Community Schools utilizes an online hiring system where administrators can log into the system to not only review applicants for posted positions, but also look through the entire applicant pool of available talent.  To access the administrator sign-in page, click here.

If you do not have an administrator user id and password, please contact the HR department at (734) 532-1663.

Hiring Procedures

Building administrators carry the responsibility for supervision of new employees and ultimately determine the success of the employee and the success of the school program.  For this reason, the Human Resource Department will work in collaboration with the Hiring Administrator on filling all building and/or department staffing needs.  Click here for the Standard Hiring and Interviewing Procedures for Administrators.  This procedure guide will walk you through the process from requesting a position posting to building and interview committee to recommending a candidate for hire. 

The following are all the support documents needed by administrators that are hiring staff for their program:

 Hiring and Interviewing Procedures Administrators

Interviewing Teacher Candidates Sample Questions

Legal and Illegal Pre-employment Questions

Interviewer Rating Applicants

 Telephone Reference Form

Continuing Education Requirements for Administrators

School administrators are required to comply with the continuing education requirements as set forth by the Michigan Department of Education.  Click here to see a list of positions that qualify for continuing Education Requirements.

School administrators that are required to comply with the continuing education requirements as set forth by the Michigan Department of Education must complete and submit this form to the Superintendent’s Office of Romulus Community Schools on or before June 1 of each academic year.

Evaluation Deadlines

Romulus Community Schools evaluates all staff.  Below you will find a link to the Evaluation Due Dates schedule for all professional and non-professional staff.  Please be sure to comply with these timelines for evaluation. Copies of the evaluation tool are available from the Human Resources Website under the Evaluations link.

Evaluation Due Dates Professional and Non-Professional Staff