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Benefits Compliance Notices

Family and Medical Leave Act FMLA Process and Procedures

Medicaid CHIP Special Enrollment Period Notice

Medicare Part D Notice

Mental Health Parity Notice

Newborn and Mothers Health Protection Act Annual Notice

Special Enrollment Events Changes Family Status Notice

Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act 1998 Annual Notice

HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice

Qualified Section 125 Changes Notice

USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act 1994 Notice

COBRA Continuation Coverage Rights General Notice

Board Policy Compliance Notices

Board Policy Sexual or Discriminatory Harassment

Board Policy Non School Employment_Outside Business Interests

Board Policy Dangerous Weapons

General Compliance Notices

Title IX Coordinator and Non Discrimination Notice

FOIA Request Guidelines July 01 2015

FOIA Request Fee Itemization Form July 01 2015

Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Notice:

The possession, use, distribution, dispensation and/or manufacturing of controlled substances, as defined by state and federal law, or alcoholic or “look-alike” alcoholic beverages, by District employees on District grounds, in District buildings and/or in connection with any District activity or function, is prohibited.  To read the Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy in its entirety, please go to the Personnel Section of the Board Policies or the Staff Handbook.

Bloodborne Infectious Diseases Notices

Exposure Control Plan

MIOSHA Occupational Health Standards

Online ‘Right to Know’ Training

Romulus Community School District’s online ‘Right-To-Know’ training is available on the Employees Link above.  These training modules educate employees on the right to know of safety and health hazards to which they may be exposed and how to identify and reduce the risk from such hazards.  These hazards include; hazardous chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, asbestos, back safety, and walking on ice and snow.