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Black History Overview

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February is Black History month. Black History month is the month that we embrace the achievements and major contributions that African-Americans have contributed to our society. At Barth Elementary School, Mrs. Shila Brim, Mrs. Rochelle Lloyd, educational para professionals; Ms. Leslie McCurdy, and Ms. Robin Bradshaw collaborated, and worked diligently with several students from their classrooms to create a plan to celebrate Black History Month. Each day a student articulated an African-American fact of the day during morning announcements. Students recognized great African-Americans: inventors, poets, scientific firsts, their educational milestones, world renowned sports figures, and politicians. In addition, Barth students participated in and performed at local community events to celebrate Black History Month at Romulus High School. Barth Elementary students continuously strive to be a proactive, respectful, diverse learning community that welcomes differences, and embraces positive change just as our African-American trailblazers did before us. Remember, African-American history is not just history for African-Americans, it’s everybody’s history!