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Halecreek Raises Money for Heart Health

Jump Rope for Heart is a program that veteran teacher Gail Milspaugh has stood behind for more than 20 years. The program benefits the American Heart Association, whose main mission is to prevent heart disease and stroke. “ I want all of my students to have healthy hearts. The AHA provides health related resources that I use in my physical education classes,” said Milspaugh. The students pledged more than $15-hundred dollars, the money will go toward heart health research. Any student who made a donation was invited to the gym to jump rope and tally how many leaps they made in a minute. The school’s top Heart Hero was Jacob Wagner who raised two hundred and 25 dollars. Mrs. Mesko’s class donated 46 percent of the money that was raised, earning the right to transform Halecreek Principal, Kristen Fuss into a human sundae. Students who donated more than five dollars were able to spray paint the hair of Ms. Milspaugh and Parent Coordinator Beth Townsend. Milspaugh said, “I can’t wait to do it again next year”.