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RHS Culinary Arts

Walter Banks AKA “Chef” teaches more than just cooking in his Culinary Arts program at Romulus High School. His career tech educational program prepares students for hands-on job training, where students learn all aspects of operating and maintaining a restaurant. Before students can begin to cook they must learn food prep safety and sanitation principles, in addition to valuable nutrition information. Chef Banks believes these skills will lead many of his students to food service career opportunities.

His students also run the Eagles Nest, a 30-seat restaurant located inside Romulus High School. The students learn and execute the roles of host/hostesses, servers; they bus tables, wash dishes, serve and cook food, in addition to operating the cash register. Students in the program rotate through all of the job duties so they have a well-rounded appreciation for the business. The Eagles Nest serves various menu items, which are prepared from scratch and meet the mandated nutrition guidelines. The menu is very popular to the Romulus Community School staff and is also open to the public.

With popular television shows like “Iron Chef and “Hells Kitchen” which featured former Romulus student Nedra Harris in 2013, the culinary program has become extremely popular with students. Senior Kaleb White who plans on pursuing a career in the food industry believes the RHS culinary arts program is a great way to develop creativity. “It helps us express ourselves in new and exciting ways and also improves our vocabulary in and out of the kitchen” says White.

Chef Banks’ program provides students with a taste of what life working in the food industry is all about. Many students have gone on to pursue a career in not only cooking but also restaurant management and hospitality. His program also promotes giving back as his students bake and donates over 50 pies annually, delivering them to the Romulus Senior Center for their Thanksgiving luncheon.

For more information on the Culinary Arts program you can contact Chef Banks at wdbanks@romulus.k12.mi.us