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Romulus Drug Task Force Teams With Save A Life Tour

With prom season and graduation quickly approaching Romulus High School students were provided with tips on how to stay safe while driving. On May 15th the “Save a Life Tour” visited Romulus High School, providing students with a powerful message, and an opportunity to get behind the wheel of their state of the art simulators. The simulators give a realistic first-hand experience of the dangerous and potentially life threatening consequences of drinking and distracted driving. “It was a great learning experience for me and my peers. As a current driver it made me think about my driving habits, and how I can be more cautious,” said Romulus High School Junior Earl Hollimon. The event began with an assembly for the entire student body. The presentation included a 20-minute video that shared the outcomes of vehicle crashes caused by distracted or impaired drivers. Reverend Willis of the Romulus Drug Task Force said, “More and more young kids are getting into accidents, which puts themselves and the public at risk. We thought it would be a great deterrent to educate them on how to be safe drivers prior to prom season”. Students were also encouraged to sign a pledge stating that they would not drive while distracted or impaired.