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The art program at Romulus High School has expanded and moved into a new bigger space. The visual fine arts program led by painter and veteran teacher Shanda Easterling is one of the most popular extracurricular classes in the school. The art program consists of several classes including Art Foundations, Art and Logic, Drawing 1 and 2, Design, and Painting and Fine Arts Independent Studies. “We are anxiously awaiting the approval for an Advanced Placement (AP) studio drawing class for the 2018-19 school year”, said Easterling. As a means of making the once old chemistry classroom into a fresh new art room, a stunning mural was painted by a group of dedicated students, Brianna Banko, Jason Parmley, and brothers Jason and Justin Simmons. They completed the entire mural on their own time after school for the entire first trimester (12 weeks). The students first drew the images on paper which were converted to overhead transparencies to project the images onto the wall, the students finalized the project with acrylic paint. The original idea was the brainchild of Jason Parmley and Justin Simmons, the inspiration was that one side would be fire and the other would denote ice. The concept grew to include the image of the eagles to represent our school spirit. The right side of the mural reveals the life cycle of an eagle from egg to majestic adult and completed in a cool pallet simulating the ice side. At the top, two adult eagles adorn the corners with stars and the phrase “let your creative side soar”. The center connects to the left side and expansion into outer space completed in a warm pallet simulating fire. The mural has been the talk of the school and a great source of pride for all involved. The entire paint stock used for this project was donated by teacher Kevin Walton and his family, if you’d like to contribute to art education at RHS please email Shanda Easterling at smeasterling@romulus.k12.mi.us