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Local Author Provides Inspiration For RMS Students

Having been a teacher for over 23 years helping young people was part of Celia Gold’s daily life. This was until she abruptly left the teaching profession, which resulted in a two-year battle with depression. “ I did not know who I was and I felt like I was hiding behind a mask my whole life”, said Gold.  Her mindset began to change when her therapist asked the simple question “Do you like your hair?” Gold says this was a turning point in her life, having worn wigs through the duration of her life and career. A defining moment took place once she decided to have her hair done at the Dorsey School of Beauty, a moment that led to her finding her true identity. Gold says, “ I felt like a brand new person again, the cosmetology professionals helped inspire me to find myself and overcome my emotional troubles”. This new mindset led Celia to writing and illustrating her young adult fiction book titled “The Hair Fairy: My Angel”.  Her new mission is to mentor young ladies and to instill in them an internal confidence where they have hope and believe all things are possible. On December 22nd Gold and her team visited Romulus Middle School, where she not only delivered an inspirational message but also provided 40 students with a copy of her book and a gift certificate to the Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor. Gold said, “I just want young ladies to embrace their identity and to know life is good”. You can find The Hair Fairy: My Angel on lulu.com