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RMS Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization that contributes to the business and economic education of young people all over the world.  40 Romulus Middle School students were able to attend a workshop downtown Detroit focused around the theme of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)   Students participated in a variety of workshops.

Station 1:  Racing and modify cars.  Students were able to add mass to a variety of vehicles to create the fastest car.

Station 2: Programming. Students worked with a robotic mouse to find the cheese while programing the mouse to run and move in different directions. 

Station 3: 3-D Printing.  Students learned using ipads and a CAD program to create different 3-D models to print. 

Station 4: (CAD) Computer Aided Design.  Students were able to design cars on a computer to examine the drag the vehicle would have while traveling. 

Station 5: Wind Tunnel:  Students learned about wind tunnels and the applications they have in science. 

After lunch and after the students have acquired all of the knowledge from the morning sessions, the task was to design a fast car.  Students worked in groups along with an engineer from Lear to create a model of a car from clay.  Once the design was complete. Students weighted the cars, tested them out in the wind tunnel, and took part in the race.  The fastest car was from Team Motherboard.