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Be a Buddy, Not a Bully!

The students and staff at Romulus Elementary School participated in a variety of activities during the month of October in honor of Anti-Bullying month. Their theme was “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully! Help Stomp Out Bullying!” Led by the 2016-2017 Romulus Elementary Student Advisory Council (S.A.C) members, the students watched videos and live skits about how to prevent bullying, recognized fellow students modeling buddy behavior, and attended a student-led assembly to learn about how to use a buddy bench at recess. Using funds they had raised the previous year, the S.A.C. members chose to purchase a bench, paint it in bright colors, and instruct the students about how the buddy bench could be used to prevent bullying at their school. We are grateful to our student leaders, with the guidance of their facilitators, Mrs. Tomika Lee-Nelson and Ms. Julie Hirchert, for helping to create a more peaceful school climate at Romulus Elementary.