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Romulus Elementary Hosts Community Night

            Building a collaborative community culture in the educational setting is essential and that is what Romulus Elementary has taken steps to do. Principal, Gretchen Notarro gave the green light to Positive Behavior Coach Leticia Horry to bring in multiple organizations in order to connect with students and parents. Horry credits the student leaders who worked hard on organizing the event, which had over 16 organizations and over 100 guests in attendance.

            Political Leaders on hand included Senator, Hoon-Yung Hopgood and State Representative, Erika Geiss. The two informally conversed with school leaders and parents on topics of education, both regularly volunteer within the school district. Hopgood and Geiss are supporters of public education and are working hard to make positive improvements.  

            Representatives of Romulus Police and Fire were on hand to demonstrate that trust between the citizens and the Public Safety Department is vital. Lieutenant John Thiede of the Fire Department was on hand to distribute fire safety information and talk to parents. Officer Hawthorne of the Police Department met with members of the community and provided junior police badges to the youth. Building trust amongst the youth is a key initiative, “We want kids to know that they can reach out and contact us if they have information that will keep the community safe”, said a Public Safety Spokesperson.

            Other community organizations on hand included: Wayne County Community College, The City of Romulus, Girl Scouts of America, Fur Angels Pet Therapy, The Romulus Athletic Center, Wings Financial, Gleaners Food Bank, Cherry Hill Dental,