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Fourth Grade Field Trip

Great Lakes Education Program

Learning came to life today for Romulus Elementary School’s Fourth Graders.  They had the opportunity to participate in the Great Lakes Education Program (GLEP) which provides students with the unique experience of cruising the Detroit River on a Schoolship!  The learning was non-stop while on board the vessel and during the shore side portion of the program at Lake Erie Metro park.   Samples of river water were collected and examined under microscopes, navigation charts were used to compare the depths and locations of the Great Lakes, and students practiced tying two different types of mariner knots.  Fourth graders also discovered how long it would take marine debris to decompose in an exciting ecology game, and saw the organisms that make up the food chains of the metropark marshes.  The benefits of this educational trip were huge!  Students were able to experience the same content they have been learning about in the classroom.  This amazing experience truly was learning at its best!