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RHS Band Program Receives $1500 Grant

The Michigan Youth Arts Association has awarded Jessica Mills-Rais with a $1,500 grant that will benefit the music program at Romulus High School. Mills-Rais is a RHS Alumni and the current Band/Choir Director. "In the same way that literature students should be introduced to new books which are significant, I believe it is integral that music students be introduced to significant modern composers such as Ticheli, and Del Borgo. Sheet music is very expensive, and it has been difficult to keep the curriculum updated. This grant allows students the opportunity to study prolific American composers, and to perform newly composed music, said Mills-Rais." School general fund budgets typically do not cover the cost to support music education; therefore grants and band boosters help keep the music tradition alive in Romulus. As a result of the grant, the program will have the funds to purchase 19 new pieces of music for students to study. This activity is supported by Michigan Youth Arts, and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.