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Classroom Heroes

In anticipation of this week's field trip to the Yankee Air Museum, the 5th graders, and in fact, all other grades, have been rigorous in their instructional time studying science. Each morning, most classes have a "Do-Now" or "Bell ringer," that poses a scientific question and opens the class for discussion on the day's topic. The first weeks of camp, students learned and experimented with the states of matter: What are the phases of matter? Does changing the state change the mass? How can we best move from solid to liquid, and liquid to gas?

A Very Special Splatter Day

Wednesday, July 29th, Camp Learn-A-Lot put on its first "Splatter Day," formerly "Wacky Water Day," of the 2015 season. On the beautiful, hot, and humid day, campers played outside in their swim gear. Stations included a water balloon toss, hose limbo, sprinklers, red-light-green-light with water guns, and a fan favorite, the water slide. Many a great photo came from campers splashing their way down the slide, as you will see below.

The CSI Team Ventures Out

The Hands-On Museum

It is yet another busy and beautiful week at Romulus Community Schools' Camp Learn-A-Lot. Bright and early this past Monday morning, the entire school was buzzing with excitement, preparing to take a trip to Ann Arbor's Hands-on Museum.

The campers, proudly representing Romulus in their maroon and white camp shirts, had a blast traveling through the different layers of the museum. Four floors of interactive stations allowed students to learn about and experiment with concepts of physics, geology, math, music, technology, and characteristics of light.


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