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Welcome to the home of the Halecreek HAWKS!

Having finished by fourth year as Halecreek principal and twenty-second year at Halecreek Elementary, I continue to grow more excited about the great work being done at our school! Our veteran staff members have worked extremely hard over the last three years to develop a deeper knowledge in both common core math and ELA, which has had a positive impact on student achievement. Additionally, Halecreek is fortunate enough to offer continued after school program in several areas such as science investigation, sewing, drama, art, and computer aided tutoring. Additionally, we are thrilled to offer seven Google classrooms and one-to-one technology in all classes K-5. You will likely notice our continued focus on student ownership of his/her learning through the use of leadership binders, student-led conferences, and schoolwide/classroom leadership positions. Our goal as a school is to create a community of learners that drive their own learning.  Please know that you and your children will have the ongoing support of all staff throughout the year. With a collective commitment to all students in our school community, we will achieve our targeted goals.  Together, we can encourage our students to learn more and to be the very best.  I look forward to continued success during the 2018-2019 school year for us to acknowledge and celebrate!

Educationally Yours,
Ms. Kristen Fuss