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Your donation is one of the most useful ways to provide our students with valuable experiences and opportunities.  On behalf of our students, families, and community, we thank you for your contribution. 

When selecting your one time or monthly donation, feel free to choose the area that you would like to impact most:

EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE: This fund goes toward scholarships, professional development for teachers, and opportunities for students to experience the arts, STEM activities, and job-related functions.

STUDENTS AND FAMILIES: Mentoring, Hands-On Learning, Athletics, and programs to support families in connecting with the school community.

ALUMNI & BUSINESS: Supporting the creation of a Romulus Alumni Association, an online "yellow pages" for businesses to be advertised and supported, Business and Job Expos, Adopt-A-Class Opportunities, and guest speaking opportunities at Career Day and School Assemblies.

EVENTS AND BEAUTIFICATION: Supporting Performing Arts Programs (Vocal, Dance, Art, Instrumental, an Drama), providing schoolwide beautification (inside and out), Decorating or Helping with Special Events (prom, graduation, etc.), putting on other events and programs, Social Media Campaigns.