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School Uniforms Required

Positive Behavior

How does Wick Elementary celebrate positive behavior? We create SLIME!! Kids who made positive choices throughout January earned this activity. They had a ball! Additionally, they were able to “Turn and Talk” to find connect with kids they did not know. This was an exciting way to build...

Drive for Wick 4th Graders

The fourth graders at Wick Elementary School shared their time and efforts during their recent holiday can drive. Everyone that donated had the opportunity to throw a pie at their favorite fourth-grade teacher and help someone less fortunate. As a result, Wick students donated 144 food items and...

Goodies for Grandparents

Wick Elementary recently invited grandparents out to enjoy a light breakfast with their grandchildren. In addition to enjoying the breakfast with their special guests, students were able to reflect and write about their favorite memories with their grandparents.  Those memories along with a...

Young Author Inspires Students

11-year-old author Braylon James visited Wick Elementary to speak to and inspire students to become young writers just like him. Braylon told Wick students, “You can pursue a writing career at any age.” At just 11 years old, Braylon has written five books in the series Mucus’s Journey, which...


The mission of Wick Elementary is to create a place where we can be safe, learn and be a leader.

Leading, Learning, Keeping it Safe!

  • ​All people can learn.
  • Self-esteem enhances learning.
  • People learn in a variety of ways.
  • Learning is a life long process.
  • All people are born with a desire to learn.
  • All people have worth and deserve to be treated with respect.
  • We make a difference.